Witching Hour: That Doesn’t Describe Me!

It’s been a long-ass time since I updated anything pertaining to this section. It just got tossed to the side while I focused on my love of Final Fantasy which I will be returning to on Thursday, but right now I need to get some damn content up that I’ve been slacking on, and this is as good of a place as any to start!

Basically, for my non-believer of astrology friends, I hear this phrase more often than not when it pertains to their sun signs. When you try to explain to them that clearly there are more facets to a person and that the zodiac is more complex, they scoff and roll their eyes and claim that you’re BSing shit because it should be an exact science. Bitch, I’m not trying to read your mind so let’s take a minute to calm down. Like a lot of personality tests that are backed by “science,” the zodiac works in a similar manner, except you are inherently born with it, according to popular beliefs.

If you look at your sun sign and don’t think it agrees with you, you’re either a.) not looking at your negative traits critically, b.) have highly influential rising or moon signs, c.) show traits of the sign that aren’t as widely publicized or d.) a fun-sucker.

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Daily Life #2: Loss

As I sit here listening to P!nk and reminiscing about the past, the subject of Loss crossed my mind. It’s a part of life, one we all struggle with, and I think now’s as good of a time as any to address it in my own way which is writing out my feelings. This will be a bit unlike my other posts with a more serious tone, so if you’re looking for snarky attitude and lame puns, I’m sorry to disappoint.

This is a serious post. There are no gifs.

You see, recently I’m dealing with a lot of loss, and I have a feeling it’s impacting my writing style more than I’d like to admit. I haven’t really addressed it, not in a way that acts as a true emotional release for myself. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, so this is my catharsis. I hope that if any of you are dealing with your own loss, it will reach you as well.

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Let’s Discuss: The Erasure of Sexualities in the FF Fandom

i’m sure most people would rather i do that than run my mouth, but here we are.

Wow, that title is a huge mouthful. I usually like huge mouthfuls and have no problem with them, but that’s not the topic for today. No, this blog post came to me during a discussion with some of my friends in which we were talking about our favorite ships. It’s no surprise that I believe Ignis/Noctis has more chemistry than a galactic supernova, but not everyone supports non-straight ships.

And that’s fine. All of my opinion posts are prefaced with: you are entitled to your opinion (as wrong as it may be). Straight people will often seek out ships that mimic their lives, and people who are not of the straight variety will often seek out ships that mimic their lives. Neither is inherently wrong (**See: fujoshi/lesbian fetishists– and no, this doesn’t apply to anyone who enjoys consuming non-straight media despite not belonging to the group of people! It applies to those who delegitimize us as human beings while still finding the idea “hot.”) And there is a problem when alternate sexualities are delegitimized by the fandom at large when it comes to the characters. Trust.

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Let’s Discuss: A Drunken Kingsglaive Reaction

more like a party of one. but i can still make this lit for myself. i got jams.

Hello my lovely people! Because I’m the master at good decisions, I have decided to watch Kingsglaive while drunk. Right now, I’m only tipsy, so I’m prefacing this before I get shitfaced. Yes, I have watched Kingsglaive before, but it was over a year ago, and alcohol has a certain way of me forget certain details. I expect to be shocked and surprised even though I have no real reason to be. Have fun reading this. I don’t know what I’m doing. This seemed fun in pre-retrospect. Note: I do go from making some sense to no sense as I drink more. Spelling errors happened and were not corrected, nor was this post edited to preserve authenticity.

Note: After sobering up, I have not read over this. I also believe this would have been more entertaining as a video, but I won’t be starting my video projects until I’m back in the states with a proper set-up! This was still fun.

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Let’s Discuss: My Top 5 Favorite FFXV Theories

If you assume that I’m making this blog post that features my favorite Final Fantasy theories (confirmed, debunked, or still unproven either way) by Final Fantasy Peasant because I’m too lazy to actually write something of substance today, you’d be correct! I honestly have not the attention span to put my thoughts down into coherent words today, and I have been dying to play one of my otome games that I’ve had for about a year now. Is it selfish? Of course. Would you do the same? Probably. Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys some cool videos which detail the theories and why I love them because I know you guys are just here for my opinion. Clearly. Because I’m amazing.

If you don’t know who Final Fantasy Peasant is, then you’ve been living under a rock in this fandom. For awhile there, his channel surrounding theory videos delivered with such excitement and enthusiasm that you’d think he was a kid hyped up on caffeine in a McDonald’s ball-pit. Why am I focusing specifically on Final Fantasy Peasant? Because he has variety. Plain and simple. If I did a generalized list, his videos would still dominate 3/5 of it. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. … God, I’ve really lost my sass lately. Someone help me find it. These jokes are just pathetic.

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Let’s Discuss: FFXV Ships – Ignis/Noctis Part 2/3 (*giveaway*)

this is so late. i’m trash. someone send me ignis.

Hello, hello, hello! We are back with the second installment of the Ignoct blog post. If you haven’t checked out the previous post, find it here! Now that formalities are out of the way. Let’s get into the juicy stuff. That’s what you’re here for, right? Right. And guess what? No drinking this post. So I have no excuses if it’s shit and makes no sense. I am so late with this. I’m sorry, guys!

Today we are going to be examining Ignis and Noctis’s relationship within the contained universe of the game. Again, this is not taking into account the Royal Edition which I am too broke to buy and too lazy to play. Sob. But I did manage to put on pants today, so I’ll take the little successes when I get them. With that being said, let’s get this show on the road.

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Blog Update #3: Ignoct Part 2 (Where Is it?)

Hello everyone! Whew. I know I know. I am so behind right now. Truthfully, I have the next post almost ready to go save for some editing I wanted to do. Due to the serious nature of the events that occurred last weekend, I took the posts down from auto-upload. I am finally up to giving them the final once-over and posting them.

Part 2 of the Ignoct series will be up on Tuesday! I will be going to the store tomorrow in hopes of procuring a few more doujin for future giveaways. If you’ve already won, you are free to enter again should something catch your eye! The winner has been contacted, but due to the small number of entries, I have also awarded a doujin to the first poster and the 3rd commenter. Please let me know if you didn’t get an e-mail!

I have a few other backlogged posts that I will also be putting up throughout the week that were due to update last week. And I’m going to work on some more to put in the backlog as well since, well, I didn’t write at all this week. Ha. Ha. Haaa….yeah.

Thank you for your patience and continued support! (Wow, I’m not being a total bitch for once. Who knew I had it in me?)

Edit: HAHAHAHAHA DID I SAY TUESDAY? I meant Thursday because I’m trash. \o/

My Top 10 Favorite Youtube Channels

You know those days where you’re just so lazy that you don’t want to do anything but binge-watch YouTube? It’s great for killing time and pretending responsibilities and commitments don’t exist. I know that people prefer it these days because you don’t have to commit to a show. You can pop in and out and watch it as you please. And, it’s free, duh.

Oh, and I’ve decided to temporarily make this the Tuesday updates, so I guess that’s a thing now which is cool I guess. You’ll get to read all about my favorite shit and hopefully find some stuff you like (and if you don’t, that’s cool.) So here’s my top five favorite YouTube channels. No particular order. Have fun.

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FFXIV Struggles: Why Your Healer Hates You

the party as soon as the healer goes down.

People often think the pressure is on the tanks to keep aggro and lead the dungeon, but anyone who has played FFXIV beyond the starter dungeons will start to realize that once your healer dies, you are fucked. Now, I’ve seen some pretty impressive level 70 paladins solo-ing Leviathan EX unsynced once the rest of us have been knocked off the ship into a watery grave. But they can self-heal, so screw them. Healers are so damn important, yet people are willing to play them more because the tank will always be shit on if something goes wrong, even if the healer was scratching his balls and didn’t cast his cure in time. There’s a lot you can get away with, and unless you royally fuck everyone over, most will still assume that you were the most essential component in victory.

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Blog Update #2: Changing Direction

me realizing i wanted to shift gears on this blog

I’ll be completely honest. When I first had the idea to start this blog and sat down to do it a month ago, I had envisioned being one of those professional types who had a focus. Ha. Ha. Haaa. Right, with my personality? I don’t know who I was trying to fool. I dabble in too many different areas of life to be happy in dedicating all of my time and energy into one subject. This is why I will never be famous. But at least I have a great ass.

A lot of things have changed since the inception of this blog, many of which you don’t need to know. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. (JK. Pay attention to me plz.) But there is one major change everyone should be aware of.

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