Hello, my name is Jules, and I have a problem with playing video games. Actually, I have a lot of problems getting good at them. But that’s probably fine. Probably. Since the conception of this blog in 2017, it’s undergone several renovations because I’m messy and didn’t know what I wanted to write about. Then I realized all I do is complain and play FFXIV in my free time. So, why not blog about it? Then you can all share in my misery.

In my free-time, I enjoy stereotypical Japanese stuff like playing video games (otome & jrpgs), putting on beauty products, and carrying a man-purse. When I told my friends I was starting this blog, their collective reaction was “you think you’re qualified to give advice?” My reaction was, of course “Yes” as I sobbed into my 4th delivery triple-cheese pizza for the week.

If you haven’t figured it out yet: I am one of those people who thinks they’re funny when no one else is laughing, and I’m mostly comfortable with that.

Who are you?

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. I am a gemini, professional whiner, and Olympic Gold Metalist at avoiding responsibilities. I’m not sure I even like to have fun at this point. I can’t remember the last time I went out and didn’t think to myself the next day “I shouldn’t have done that.” And yet I continue to put myself in these situations.

I would love to sit here and tell you all about my basic hobbies: cooking, traveling, fashion.. okay, the last one is actually accurate but not enough to convince me to put on pants when I answer the door for pizza. I work full-time these days which to most people means “money money money” but to me means permanent social death. I don’t even know where I find the energy to roll out of bed to find food. But I do.

But I’m not a useless blob. I’m a fabulous useless blob. When I can manage to convince myself to leave the house on my days off, I get shit done. I find the cutest guy at the bar and tell him I’m into him. Then we make out for the rest of the night, and I end up with a boyfriend. #YOLO.

If you must know some “random/basic” facts… My favorite color is light blue. I love spicy food. I have an intense fish phobia. I thrive off of gossip. My favorite video game is … I don’t know. I watch idol anime. I clean when I’m nervous. I watch reality tv more than any other type of show. I’m a cat person, not a dog person.


WHY “Candy Kiss”?

You know those people who seem really sweet when you first meet them and one day you’re just chilling when they drop the shadiest shade ever? I have been called that person.

“Oh but you’re so nice!” DO YOU KNOW ME? In any case, I like that the domain name is very different from the saltiness that is my blog. People misunderstand a lot when I complain: it’s not necessarily that I hate everything. It’s just that everything happens to annoy me, especially when it involved ignorance and blatant stupidity.