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It’s been a long-ass time since I updated anything pertaining to this section. It just got tossed to the side while I focused on my love of Final Fantasy which I will be returning to on Thursday, but right now I need to get some damn content up that I’ve been slacking on, and this is as good of a place as any to start!

Basically, for my non-believer of astrology friends, I hear this phrase more often than not when it pertains to their sun signs. When you try to explain to them that clearly there are more facets to a person and that the zodiac is more complex, they scoff and roll their eyes and claim that you’re BSing shit because it should be an exact science. Bitch, I’m not trying to read your mind so let’s take a minute to calm down. Like a lot of personality tests that are backed by “science,” the zodiac works in a similar manner, except you are inherently born with it, according to popular beliefs.

If you look at your sun sign and don’t think it agrees with you, you’re either a.) not looking at your negative traits critically, b.) have highly influential rising or moon signs, c.) show traits of the sign that aren’t as widely publicized or d.) a fun-sucker.

technically magazines are the mainstream media.

I blame a lot of facebook reposts for people no longer taking this shit as seriously as they once did.¬†While I love the FB posts about zodiac signs and Tumblr shitposts, more than half are so obviously written to favor/demean certain signs and not at all accurate it’s fucking mindboggling. Hell, I’ll see some accurate for my signs and look at others and go “wtf. Do you just hate this person?” Poor Pisces half the time even gets cut off if it’s an image cropping. Then again, half the time it’s singing their praises. Pisces can be bitches, y’all, and they know it. There is no “nice, sweet cinnamon roll” of the zodiac. We’re all horrible people.

But before this, there were magazines. A lot of magazines back in the day (and probably still now but I haven’t read a magazine in years) would have horoscopes in the back where they would predict a vague future that was hardly ever accurate. It was more often wrong than it was right. I remember being a skeptic myself until I did, you know, actual research.

pretty much all high school insults when you look back as an adult

Trying to tell my friends I was interested in things like zodiac signs and tarot cards was actually hard because of the amount of ridicule facing it when I was in high school, and I’m not sure if that’s still a thing or not. Probably is because people are assholes. But you know, if someone is wrong more often than they are right and it’s consistently more wrong, you might start to doubt them … a lot. It wasn’t until I got a tarot reading from a good friend of mine in high school that I started to really believe I could take my interests more seriously and actually got my own tarot deck (even though my mother was very uncomfortable. She’s uncomfortable about a lot more these days, so, I think she wishes it was just tarot now.) And I got really into astrology a few years back once I realized, again, “hey, why did I never pursue this?”

actually me, a libra rising, flirting, 99.9% effective

So, it’s not like it’s been a life-long passion of mine. Even so, I was skeptic at first myself. But, honestly, Gemini fits me to a T. Maybe I’m one of the lucky ones whose shit matches up- but I’m in the latter part of the sign as it descends to Cancer, just not on the cusp. I have a Libra rising, so a lot of people might assume I’m a Libra when they first meet me (and I am internally indecisive more than externally, and I have had a historically bad habit of flirting “in a friend way.”) And my Aries moon makes my temper horrible but short-lived. All of this is true, but it all works together in some way.

I should say, that Geminis are known for their chattiness, and oh boy… It’s true for the most part. I worked with 3 other Geminis at one point, and when we’d be standing around on break, there wasn’t room to get a word in edgewise. Ten topics being talked about at the same time– but also great listening. The conversation still flowed in a way that we could understand (poor Scorpio girl who was with us said we were crazy and couldn’t follow our train of thought, but it was in good humor. Probably.)

yeah, i sounded the exact same way as a kid

And yet, I grew up with a guy who was also a Gemini. Now, I believe he was on the cusp of Taurus looking back, but I don’t recall entirely so I won’t assume. He was significantly more quiet and reserved, and there are quiet Geminis, but something about the way he carried himself wasn’t stereotypically what you’d think of. He wasn’t shy, at least, not on the outside, but he didn’t talk a lot. Yet, when he did, he could be kind of a know-it-all. … Another bad traits about Geminis is that we tend to do that. We can’t help that we know everything. Get on our level.

I’m sure, aside from other reasons, that if he’d looked at his personality traits in the zodiac and saw Gemini, he wouldn’t have seen himself. I wouldn’t have been able to guess he was a Gemini, and we were friends. I’d totally have pegged him for an earth-sign, not air, so there could have been other contributing factors.

something something true self

There is the argument that we only see what we want to see. You can’t guess someone’s sign just from talking to them. TRUE. I don’t pretend to know signs, but I’m hardly ever surprised when I do find out what someone’s sign is because I’ve already narrowed it down. When it does come out of left-field, I don’t take offense. It’s rare, but it does happen. There are external factors a lot of times, and some of it is based on how someone presents themselves to you. If you don’t know them well, it can also be hard to know if the persona they’re portraying is their true self or a factor of what they want to show you.

That’s why people think I’m nice, I guess. I really have no idea on this one. It’ll forever remain a mystery.

I get they’re supposed to be funny, but damn, do some research.

On that note, go do some research if you’re interested. There’s a site I calculated my exact planets and shit from that can be found here. And if you want a more serious take on this article, check out Kendall Rae’s video on Astrology Explained. It’s easy to follow and does a better job than my messy ass at explaining the serious aspects of why you’re not just your fucking sun sign. God damn, people.

I’ll see you guys Thursday/next Sunday with the final Ignoct part. Finally getting my mojo back. FUCKING FINALLY.

And if you came here just for laughs, here’s a zombie apocalypse sun sign video. Like, 3 signs are left out (Leo, Capricorn, and Aquarius), but. Party.


what’s your zodiac sign? do you relate to it? do you think you choose to not see negative aspects if you don’t or is there something more? if you do identify with it, what is the strongest trait you relate to? (i’m chatty & curious AF. Those are technically two, but.) Let me know (but be nice, I’m a sensitive soul!)
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