Witching Hour: That Doesn’t Describe Me!

It’s been a long-ass time since I updated anything pertaining to this section. It just got tossed to the side while I focused on my love of Final Fantasy which I will be returning to on Thursday, but right now I need to get some damn content up that I’ve been slacking on, and this is as good of a place as any to start!

Basically, for my non-believer of astrology friends, I hear this phrase more often than not when it pertains to their sun signs. When you try to explain to them that clearly there are more facets to a person and that the zodiac is more complex, they scoff and roll their eyes and claim that you’re BSing shit because it should be an exact science. Bitch, I’m not trying to read your mind so let’s take a minute to calm down. Like a lot of personality tests that are backed by “science,” the zodiac works in a similar manner, except you are inherently born with it, according to popular beliefs.

If you look at your sun sign and don’t think it agrees with you, you’re either a.) not looking at your negative traits critically, b.) have highly influential rising or moon signs, c.) show traits of the sign that aren’t as widely publicized or d.) a fun-sucker.

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