Let’s Discuss: My Top 5 Favorite FFXV Theories

If you assume that I’m making this blog post that features my favorite Final Fantasy theories (confirmed, debunked, or still unproven either way) by Final Fantasy Peasant because I’m too lazy to actually write something of substance today, you’d be correct! I honestly have not the attention span to put my thoughts down into coherent words today, and I have been dying to play one of my otome games that I’ve had for about a year now. Is it selfish? Of course. Would you do the same? Probably. Today, I’ll be sharing with you guys some cool videos which detail the theories and why I love them because I know you guys are just here for my opinion. Clearly. Because I’m amazing.

If you don’t know who Final Fantasy Peasant is, then you’ve been living under a rock in this fandom. For awhile there, his channel surrounding theory videos delivered with such excitement and enthusiasm that you’d think he was a kid hyped up on caffeine in a McDonald’s ball-pit. Why am I focusing specifically on Final Fantasy Peasant? Because he has variety. Plain and simple. If I did a generalized list, his videos would still dominate 3/5 of it. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. … God, I’ve really lost my sass lately. Someone help me find it. These jokes are just pathetic.

Number one: Regis controls time Theory

This was one of the very first theories I watched on the Final Fantasy XV franchise, and we all know that I’m trash for Regis. Final Fantasy Peasant does a good job in making you believe this theory could actually be true. While some theories he’s discussed have been disproven over time through new content (i.e. Ifrit & Shiva’s romance, not Ifrit & Eos) or creators confirming/denying rumors,  this one is “half-confirmed” in my eyes because we do know that there are alternate timelines within this universe. Also Regis being a bad-ass time mage AND a king? Sign me the fuck up.

Number two: what happened in episode ignis? Theory

A more recent take on the previous theory: this video does talk about the plot of episode Ignis as well as the controversy surrounding its canonicity. He makes an effort to tie in the previous theory which is very well done (and I see him trying to get those extra views on an older theory yaaaas). As stated above, there are alternate timelines, and the fact Episode Ignis offers multiple endings does continue to fuel this.


Don’t let the title of this video fool you! I went in preparing to laugh and left tilting my head going ‘huh, I mean, it makes sense.’ Talking about magic within the scope of the FFXV universe and how it really isn’t there as much as it is in other games. Whether I believe Dave is magical himself, I don’t know, but it sure as hell would be a trip if it came out that he was. This is probably one of the more fun theories I’m linking because I want you all to go down the same crazy train ride I did.


I linked the above video also to lead into this one which I really think makes a shitton of sense. Now, Aranea is clearly a dragoon, but dragoons have always had a bit of a supernatural jump ability that no human should possibly be able to accomplish but here we are. Crowe, on the other hand, puts a lot of previous black mages to shame with her usefulness in Kingsglaive. That opening scene? Fuck yes. Sign me up.

NUMBER FIVE: Summons & the Heavenly Host of 24

We’ll end this list on a high note! While some of this is a little convoluted, it makes sense when you watch it. We know that Gentiana is Shiva. That much is no longer a surprise to any of us. But I like that there is so much detail going into this theory. Whether true or not, it’s pretty damn cool. We do know that Gentiana was supposed to be the Oracle in the original Versus XIII instead of Stella. So if there are any remnants of this in game, this theory would apply to that pretty well.

And there you have it! My top five list. I know I wasn’t extremely witty or sarcastic or snarky, but give me a break. I’m on day two of a pretty nasty hangover and just want to eat some potatoes and drink my smoothie. (Make sure you’re drinking water, not more alcohol, when you try to switch to water. Lesson learned.) Is this the laziest thing I’ve written on this blog so far? Yep. Will it be the last? Nope. Now go watch some interesting theories!


have you watched any of the theory videos above? which was your favorite and why? do you like theories or do you think everything should be confirmed by the creator (why are you reading my blog which is nothing but opinions and theories?) did i miss any finalfantasypeasant videos that you’d like to see? let me know! But Be Nice (i’m a sensitive soul)!


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