Let’s Discuss: FFXV Ships – Ignis/Noctis Part 2/3 (*giveaway*)

this is so late. i’m trash. someone send me ignis.

Hello, hello, hello! We are back with the second installment of the Ignoct blog post. If you haven’t checked out the previous post, find it here! Now that formalities are out of the way. Let’s get into the juicy stuff. That’s what you’re here for, right? Right. And guess what? No drinking this post. So I have no excuses if it’s shit and makes no sense. I am so late with this. I’m sorry, guys!

Today we are going to be examining Ignis and Noctis’s relationship within the contained universe of the game. Again, this is not taking into account the Royal Edition which I am too broke to buy and too lazy to play. Sob. But I did manage to put on pants today, so I’ll take the little successes when I get them. With that being said, let’s get this show on the road.

This post contains spoilers for Final Fantasy XV.

“IMPERIALS ABOVE US!” Thanks, Prompto.

The most painful part of analyzing the main game, as any bitter-ass fanboy will tell you, is the fact that Final Fantasy XV did not have a lot of cutscenes. Cutscenes are the bread and butter of the Final Fantasy franchise. Instead of cinematic cutscenes, we were treated to natural in-world interactions which helped the game feel more natural until you realize most dialogue is recycled- IMPERIALS ABOVE US.

False alarm. It was just a scary cloud. We’re all good, guys!

Sidenote: I’d like to touch on the fact that the reason some people don’t like this ship is because they feel Ignis is in servitude to Noctis, therefore there is an imbalance. Has anyone with this argument actually played the game? You realize Ignis is an advisor, right? He has taken on extra duties to make Noctis happy that are not in his job description. Right then….

These organic interactions would lead one to believe that it would make finding hidden symbolism much easier. Ha. Ha. Haaaa… No. It really doesn’t. At this point, I just know that Ebony really is all that good. I can’t even drink coffee. Sad.

That isn’t to say that there aren’t cutscenes, though. We see our first glimpse of a more somber interaction between Ignis and Noctis’s upon the news of Insomnia falling.

how noctis wakes up when ignis is there

Take a moment to notice that upon waking up, Noctis immediately asks where Ignis is. I mean, he does say good morning because daddy didn’t raise no scallywag, but that’s neither here nor there. Now, I realize they are traveling in a group of four, but boy could have just been taking a shit. We don’t know, and neither does Noctis. His mind doesn’t automatically jump to mundane. He’s actually confused as to why his advisor isn’t there… in his bedroom… where everyone else is. I guess he automatically expects Ignis to be right by him which may have proven to be a source of frustration to Luna should their marriage and consummation ever taken place.

When Ignis enters 0.5 seconds later, there is a solemn expression on his face. His gait is slower, heavier, and his gaze is lowered. There is hesitation before he speaks. From the other media, we know that he is a man of few words, but even so, his body language tells us that he wants to speak, but he’s having a hard time. Clearly, he is reluctant to share the news he has uncovered with Noctis. Which, seriously, question: they still have newspapers? He couldn’t just Google it? I see them playing games on their smartphones. Noctis, you’re a Prince. Get a news app and stop relying on Ignis to read everything for you.

to be fair, there are worse ways to break the news

Anywhore, I would venture to guess that Ignis is having a hard time spitting it out because he doesn’t want to be the bad news bears. He passes the paper off to Gladio who then lets big-mouth Prompto read the headline aloud. Insomnia Falls. Sounds like a swanky vacation resort. While the three hot-heads discuss what to do, Ignis is the one who must remain rational and calm, despite the fact we know he has family in Insomnia himself. Just because his Uncle didn’t get screentime doesn’t mean he is less important than Regis and Clarus. While Gladio wants to return to check on the reliability of the news sources, Ignis argues that it would be unsafe.

And every time he tries to voice reason, he is talked over or met with opposition. He is outnumbered 3-to-1, and so you do go back. Even so, Gladio and even Prompto are willing to put Noctis in danger. Hell, Noctis is willing to put Noctis in danger. But Ignis takes his mission to keep the prince safe more seriously than the damn bodyguard. To me, that says a lot.

Maybe it goes back to the original design of the characters. You see, in the original Versus XIII, Gladio and Prompto were both set up to betray Noctis. Now, we know that neither of these plot points make it into Final Fantasy XV, but it does come across in their interactions with our beloved prince. They are friends, but they are nothing more. Even Stella (who was scrapped for Luna) was meant to turn on him. But you know who was never supposed to turn on him? That’s right. Bingo! Ignis was never meant to betray him. He was the only one who was scripted to stay by Noctis’s side the entire time, and it shows in Final Fantasy XV that this trait carried over. His devotion is just beautiful.

finally figuring out how to make the tennebae dessert for noctis

Another point of interest stems from Brotherhood but finds its conclusion in the game. It is small, but it is significant if you have watched the anime. After undertaking the gardening quest and such, you can actually get the materials needed to make the Tennebrae dessert at Galdin Quay. It is a monument so important that we actually get a proper cutscene instead of just the usual “aha! I’ve come up with a new recipeh!” Ignis meticulously takes down notes and, at long last, has the ability to make it for Noctis. (If you miss doing this before heading off to Altissia, you can return to do it after unlocking Umbra’s time-travel.) From there, it’s really just a matter of getting to the turning point: We really don’t see any Ignoct moments until Chapter 9: Callings.

Can we all agree that Luna wasn’t the only one who lost something in that fight? I mean, sure she lost her life, and Ignis only lost his eyes, but they both have one fact in common: they can no longer see Noctis. I guess Ignis gets more screentime with him, so that’s a point for Ignis.

Again, no shade at Luna. This game shafted her so hard and she had the potential to be more amazing than she already is? I think I should give her an appreciation post of her own after this series…. I have too many things about this game I want to talk about. Remember the “The Great Divide of FFXV” series? Yeah, me neither.

me to square enix at this new development

I’ll just say this now: finding out that Ignis had lost his sight offended my delicate sensibilities. I felt like an upper middle-class soccer mom finding out her child didn’t get into Harvard. I had the vapors and needed my smelling salts because bitch, I might have fainted from shaking my head too fast. Nope. No. No thank you.

But hell, it’s a Final Fantasy game- a love interest dying is nothing new, so I wasn’t surprised I hadn’t cried yet. But this was just rude on a completely new level. Well damn. Okay. I guess that’s how we’re going to play this game. I feel like I should have written Square a very strongly worded letter, but I guess this post is the closest I’m going to get to that.

Noctis, of course, doesn’t find any of this out until he awakens from the battle in a cozy hotel room. Who is there waiting for him to wake up? Ignis. Once again, he has taken it upon himself to impart the news to Noctis that someone else he loves has been slaughtered by the empire. Despite the fact he is still recovering from his own injuries, Noctis is so important to him that he wants to be there when he wakes up, I’m sure.

following noctis around in hopes this question will be answered (romantically, it isn’t)

And strangely enough, Noctis doesn’t immediately ask about Luna. I don’t know about you, but the boy’s priorities aren’t quite straight. In fact, he sees that Ignis has been injured, and the look on his face is heartbreaking. It’s like a kicked puppy who’s also been told it can never have bacon again. The smallest of movement of his muscles shows that he’d actually like to go comfort him, but he doesn’t. When Ignis brushes it off as a sacrifice for the battle, he retreats again and asks about Luna- but only after Ignis’s rebuttle. Not saying he doesn’t love her, just I’m not sure how eternal their love really is.

You could say “But Jules! Once Ignis leaves, he starts crying and flipping through their notebook!” To which I’d say. Well, yes, because he lost a childhood friend that he already failed to protect once (remember the attack on Tenebrae?) They also got a beautiful goodbye scene which is stereotypical Square Enix. I would argue that Noctis does love Luna on some level, but I’m not so sure about “soul mates.” But then again, Ignis got that emotionally heavy, potentially good-end DLC of his, so. YMMV.

this is how i handle my grief

I’d like to actually mention that Ignis does leave Noctis alone to process his emotions. We have seen time and time again that Noctis is fairly guarded with expressing grief in particular. Despite his closeness to Ignis, it’s actually likely he would have internalized it and remained stoic.For further proof of his behavior, we can look back to the last post where we learned that this was something he did after that monster broke both of his legs when he was a kid. It’s a defense mechanism that seems to have a history of repeating itself. Ignis would know that this is unhealthy, so by giving him space rather than rushing to hug him or some shit may have proved beneficial. Remember: people experience emotions in their own way. Prompto might need a hug, but Noctis might prefer some solitude before rejoining his friends. The fact Ignis has this level of understanding, to me, says that he has memorized Noctis’s personality down to a T.

Once this scene wraps up, it is time to make our way into Chapter 10. Now, most people look at the train scene that occurs when they are on their merry way to Tenebrae as a moment that defines Gladio. Then they proceed to shit on him for having human emotions. This fandom is so mature. Just look at me. I totally didn’t stay in pajamas all day just because I could, nor did I order a pepperoni pizza while being on a diet. It was delicious.

when people started to sympathize with ardyn more than gladio after this scene

THE POINT BEING: Most people assume that Noctis is just depressed over Luna and Gladio is just ripping into him and being a big, bad meanie-butt. The amount of vitriol for Gladio due to this scene was unreal, and there are even people who claimed to no longer like him because he wasn’t sympathetic. Yikes. Before jumping to conclusions, let’s take a look at the actual scene and find out what was really going on.

Here’s the transcript of what we’ll be analyzing:

Gladio: You need to grow up and get over it.

Noctis: I am over it! I’m here, aren’t I?

Gladio: Maybe when you’re not too busy moping, you can look around and give a shit about someone worse off than you.

*Camera pans to Ignis parting his lips and looking surprised.*

imma let myself finish, but…

Okay, hold the phone. Now, the most commonly accepted canon explanation is that Gladio is upset and frustrated because every single one of them has lost something dear to them, but only Noctis is moping around. This is the most plausible explanation, but I would turn your attention to the fact the camera pans to Ignis. This isn’t because Ignis is interrupting or trying to break up the fight. In fact, I might even argue that he is going to let Gladio and Noctis shout it out. But why? Is it because he is used to the two fighting like cats and dogs? Is it because he is too tired to fight after getting his eyes melted?  Is it because he actually appreciates Gladio standing up for him?

I’d wager my bet on al three being a combination. Taking on that last point in particularly, however, I get the distinct impression that Gladio might be aware of Ignis’s deeper feelings towards Noctis. I still stand by my claim that I believe this is a canon, romantic love on Ignis’s part if not Noctis’s.  Gladio may well be sticking up for a friend that he knows would sacrifice his very being if it meant Noctis would be happy (even his own chance at being happy should the canon soulmate pairing have ended up working out.)

We still have more to analyze, though! The second half of the dialogue is as follows:

Noctis: Let go of me.

Gladio: How’s that ring fit ya? You’d rather carry it around than wear it? She gave her life so you could do your duty, not so you could sit around feeling sorry for yourself. 

Noctis: You don’t think I know that?

Gladio: *Interrupting* Ignis took one for you, too, and for what?!

Ignis: ENOUGH Gladio.

well, to be fair, i can’t imagine ignis saying this. prompto? maybe

Okay, so a lot of people assume Ignis is breaking up the fight because Noctis will wet his pants in fear or burst into tears and because he is the peacekeeper. But he really doesn’t step in until Gladio pushes things a little too far. Now, you could say that Ignis just doesn’t want Gladio speaking for him, but I find Gladio’s choice of words very interesting, but I’m a Gemini so I focus on syntax. He does mention Luna which gets a rise out of Noctis. Why wouldn’t it? That was a sharp dig. But the finishing blow is bringing the topic of conversation around back to Ignis. He’s already mentioned him once, and he feels the need to drive this point home. Maybe this is because Gladio is closer with the bros than he was with Luna, but one could assume even Gladio would understand that Luna was Noctis’s betrothed and childhood friend.

But no, he’s angry on Ignis’s behalf.

And for what? Ignis doesn’t seem upset. But Ignis and Noctis really share this coping method- they both internalize their pain. Yet… I have to say that it probably does hurt that Noctis is completely ignoring him and not relying on him, even if it is out of grief. This is where Gladio comes in. For argument’s sake, assuming he knows about Ignis’s feelings, then I have to imagine that would make him even angrier.

gladio coming up on noctis like

Gladio is going to be like your friend Stacy who has one too many margaritas and tells your crush how he’s fucking up and should pay more attention to you.Yeah. Ignis might be a tad too classy for that. Gladio, not so much maybe. (TIL, I am actually Gladio.) He has no problem that his frustrations with Noctis, which seem to have developed over the years, have cumulated in this one moment which is in defense of his friend.

Now, after the end of the dungeon in this Chapter where you have to be patient with Ignis or risk Gladio riding your ass (not in a good way), Ignis resigns that he might weigh down the bro co. down rather than be beneficial in his current state. You do have the option to tell him that yes, he bogged you down by a whopping 10 minutes, but the canon answer is to ensure his place within the group is sealed, that he is still important to you. Because yes, you can try to dismiss you, but the game doesn’t really care about your dumbass decision and thus, Ignis stays. As he should, thank you very fucking much.

i still say they’re canon. what kind of touchy-feely cooking class is this and where can i sign up?

Something, something, something… oh, hey, look! It’s the end of the game! And with that, I can’t think of anything else the main-game brought to the table. “But Jules! That was hardly enough to go on to confirm them being a couple!” Yeah, well, again, look at the main ship we have and tell me that Noct/Luna shippers aren’t relying on the same pitiable interactions. At least I had Brotherhood to go off of as well as the game. And they have the fact that their ship is considered valid by the creators. You win some, you lose some.

Say what you will, but I’m looking forward to writing the next post where we will discuss Episode: Ignis! Stay tuned, and I’ll catch you on March 25!


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: FFXV Ships – Ignis/Noctis Part 2/3 (*giveaway*)

  1. DreamIggy says:

    Let me start by saying that I love your posts discussing Ignoct so much! (your gifs are on point to start with) I ship these two with all my heart and it’s so nice to see other people’s thoughts about them. I love your opinion about why Gladio acts the way he does on the train. Although I have to admit that I was angry at him at first because the game puts you in Noct’s shoes at this point and he is mad. But later I understood it so much better and yes I believe it too that he is more angry on Ignis’ behalf. We know that they have been friends for a long time from Ignis’ Brotherhood episode so he probably really does know just how much Ignis loves Noct (who absolutely can act spoiled and bratty at some points).
    But answering your question as to why do I love Ignoct?
    I think it started with a combat banter for me when Noctis almost fearfully asks Ignis that “You’ll have my back?” to which the answer is a heartfelt “Always.” We never really hear either of them being so vulnerable because (as you pointed out) they’d rather react by repressing emotions in certain situations. Yet in a potentially life or death battle their emotions still do shine through.
    Also from the banter it always warms my heart how Ignis calls Noct “Highness”. It should be a title. It should be “your Highness” and we just know that Ignis *knows* the protocol. And yet he uses that word as an endearment just by itself. Of course it’s reciprocated by Noctis calling him Iggy, or Specks of even Specky. It speaks volumes of just how well they know each other and how close they are.
    And that right there is probably the strongest reason of mine to ship them. They know each other better than any other. Definitely much more than Luna and Noct who met when they were 13 and 8 respectively for a short period of time. I believe Luna and Noct’s love is more about loving an idea that’s represented by the other. Noctis means freedom for Luna. And Luna means the childhood carefree happiness that they shared for Noctis. (I could write so much about this and why do I not see them as being in love with actually each other but just what the other symbolises in their lives, but then this comment would be even longer).
    But Ignis and Noctis know each other. They grew up together. They sneaked out of the Citadel, looked at the stars, tried to take pictures of meteors with the lens cap on… Ignis lived through almost losing Noctis and then had to be away from him when he went to Tenebrae. He learnt how to cook out of the “desire to make one specific person smile” as we know from King’s Knight. They read books together and then they fell asleep side by side as we saw it in the recently released official art at the Square Enix Café. There is just so much backstory to them.
    Ignis has an undying loyalty towards Noctis that is not just based on his sense of duty. He loves Noct that is unquestionable for me. And Noctis’ world is kept in balance by Ignis’ constant presence. When he wakes up in Altissia after the battle he asks after Ignis just like in Galdin Quay when Insomnia fell. When he’s teleported away to who knows where in Dissidia NT his first word upon waking is “Ignis?”.
    Noct is shaken by a lot of things during the course of the game from the loss of his Father to Luna. But what we also feel the most strongly as players is Ignis’ injury. I don’t know about anyone else but I always relied so heavily on Iggy in fights from the beginning of the game and counted on him to always be there to rescue me from danger that it was actually painful to fight without him in Cartanica. The world just didn’t seem right.
    After that at Zegnautus Keep we almost hear Ignis blurt out how much Noctis means to him when they get separated. He speaks to Gladio as he desperately says “If anything were to happen to Noct, I….” Again that line that might be brushed over so quickly as it is just “banter” felt like a punch in the gut for me making it even more clear just how much Ignis loves Noct. (This is why Iggy saying that he doesn’t care about the world as long as Noctis lives didn’t surprise me in Episode Ignis as it did some. I mean did they listen to Ignis saying so many times in so many ways that he doesn’t want to live without Noct?)
    In any case this comment is getting way too long and my emotions are just getting the best of me. But yes, I do see them as one of the most heartbreaking romantic stories in a Final Fantasy canon or not. Thank you for reading all my emotional nonsense ^-^

    • Candy Kiss (Jules) says:

      Thank you for your insightful comment! Seriously, I love reading other peoples’ thoughts and opinions on these things. I’m really happy you took the time to write up something like this for me ;w;. I’m also glad you enjoyed my analysis of the train scene! I admit, I was also guilty of being like “Gladio, tf you doing?” until Zegnautus Keep when I realized it was probably for Ignis’s benefit. I rewatched all of the train scenes back when the Prompto/Ardyn switch happened because that shook me. I totally didn’t realize that they’d switched places before all that shit took place. I happened to rewatch Gladio & Noctis’s kerfluffle, and I was like “wait a second.” By this point I was shipping Ignoct because of everything in the game. That “Always” comment from the banter is something I missed analyzing here, so I’m glad you brought it up! I also missed the “If anything were to happen to Noct, I….” comment in the dungeon. I knew I should have rewatched that instead of relying on memory. OTL

      You brought up some really good points that I completely forgot about! Thank you! I remember watching that Dissidia NT opening and shouting at my friend on the phone like a banshee being like “HE JUST SAID “IGNIS?” I KNEW IT WAS CANON. BOI NEEDS HIM.” ^^ I’ll be sure to include this in my next post when I discuss episode Ignis because I feel like it’s worth mentioning for sure.

      The art released of them at the Square Enix cafe is the whole reason I spent 2,000yen to get the postcard. I think there are hints that their relationship could be deeper (ie. romantic) than what we are told. … Clearly. I just wrote a whole blog post about it. Haha!

      “He learnt how to cook out of the “desire to make one specific person smile” as we know from King’s Knight.” this part always shook me. He didn’t even like cooking as far as we know (not that he hated it). Yet he wanted Noctis to smile again after his trauma? Excuse me, my heart is hurting so terribly right now. They had so many good moments and so many tragic moments. I’m just. Ugh. I cannot handle my feels.

      And it wasn’t emotional nonsense at all!! I really enjoyed it, and you brought up some good points. 🙂 I hope to see you back for Part 3! I know I’m going to be an emotional mess in that post.

  2. Julz says:

    Hi Jules, I totally agree with you that Ignis doing domestic care for Noct, especially seen in Brotherhood is definitely not part of his job. The purpose of Noct living on his own outside of Citadel is for him to have a “normal” life, and that includes taking care of himself, otherwise I’m sure Regis would be able to afford hiring a maid to do the domestic care and not delegate it to Ignis, which has more important things to do as seen with all the reports he needs to handle. So why would a person want to take upon himself to do domestic care for someone he is just an advisor to? Ignis could have just told Regis to get a domestic helper, right? Of course the answer is no rocket science, he cares for Noct way beyond his duty, whether as a friend or more than that, that’s not important anymore because either way, it is love and loyalty.

    No need for the giveaway this time, thanks for the previous one. I’m just happy to share thoughts of Ignoct love and glad you are doing the lord’s work lol.

    • Candy Kiss (Jules) says:

      Thank you for commenting regardless, though! It’s nice to see you back! Haha, I must spread the love of Ignoct as best as I can.

      That’s a good point about Regis being able to afford a maid for Noctis. He really could, and Ignis isn’t a servant which people tend to forget? Yes he works for Noctis’s family, and he’s been raised to do this, but he is an advisor which is not really related. Ignis’s duties for Noctis go waaaaay beyond that. But romantically or just friendship, his devotion is beautiful \o/ I see romance there, but I also realize not all fans do, and that’s 100% ok! Granted, we do, but hey. xD

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