Blog Update #3: Ignoct Part 2 (Where Is it?)

Hello everyone! Whew. I know I know. I am so behind right now. Truthfully, I have the next post almost ready to go save for some editing I wanted to do. Due to the serious nature of the events that occurred last weekend, I took the posts down from auto-upload. I am finally up to giving them the final once-over and posting them.

Part 2 of the Ignoct series will be up on Tuesday! I will be going to the store tomorrow in hopes of procuring a few more doujin for future giveaways. If you’ve already won, you are free to enter again should something catch your eye! The winner has been contacted, but due to the small number of entries, I have also awarded a doujin to the first poster and the 3rd commenter. Please let me know if you didn’t get an e-mail!

I have a few other backlogged posts that I will also be putting up throughout the week that were due to update last week. And I’m going to work on some more to put in the backlog as well since, well, I didn’t write at all this week. Ha. Ha. Haaa….yeah.

Thank you for your patience and continued support! (Wow, I’m not being a total bitch for once. Who knew I had it in me?)

Edit: HAHAHAHAHA DID I SAY TUESDAY? I meant Thursday because I’m trash. \o/

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