My Top 10 Favorite Youtube Channels

You know those days where you’re just so lazy that you don’t want to do anything but binge-watch YouTube? It’s great for killing time and pretending responsibilities and commitments don’t exist. I know that people prefer it these days because you don’t have to commit to a show. You can pop in and out and watch it as you please. And, it’s free, duh.

Oh, and I’ve decided to temporarily make this the Tuesday updates, so I guess that’s a thing now which is cool I guess. You’ll get to read all about my favorite shit and hopefully find some stuff you like (and if you don’t, that’s cool.) So here’s my top five favorite YouTube channels. No particular order. Have fun.

Number One – MacDoesIt

Currently my favorite YouTube channel which is why it’s at the top and is the only one “in order.” I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for self-depreciating humor and throwing shade at idiots who deserve it. He serves both, and I’m living. A lot of people have seen his “Reacting to Anti-Gay Commercials” video, but he has a lot more content than just his reaction videos which, yes, are my favorite part of the channel, but trying to find a sugar daddy on Grindr? I was dying. Guaranteed to get a laugh or your money back.

Number Two: – LilyCReads

I may not read for fun much anymore, but goddamn does she make me want to. I applaud her for getting through the travesty of YA and romance novels for this channel. She admits to not having a consistent update schedule and often disappears for awhile, but the content is fucking worth it. I’ll never forget the 20-something shots of whiskey and winning a gunfight directly after. Right now, she’s reading the Harry Potter series for the first time, and this is something that needs to be supported. Beautiful.

Number Three: Brad Mondo

I went into this expecting pure snark and mean comments and came out on the other side disappointed– sort of. I actually fucking love this channel. While he manages to still be funny (probably because he doesn’t take himself that seriously), he is super positive and has a nice persona. Something to relax and laugh to at the end of a hard day. I can see how his channel boomed in popularity due to the fact he sends a good message that you don’t have to be a snarky bitch (like me) to get people to think you’re cute and funny.

Number Four: Final Fantasy Peasant

Rising to fame with his FFXV theory videos, Final Fantasy Peasant continues to produce quality content regarding the worlds of Final Fantasy. His videos range now from theories to playthroughs to top tens. His enthusiasm is really what brings this channel together, like a bunny on crack (FF crack), he is always hyped up and passionate about his topics and prone to seeing both sides of arguments for the series’ development. While his passion may lead him to come across as too forceful, I find it to be golden because then I’m like “HELL YEA I’LL CLEAN MY HOUSE AND PLAY SOME FF” and then I don’t. I just sit here staring into space contemplating who the first guy to discover pizza was.

Number Five: Brewstew

If you are in your twenties especially, this channel is for you. A cynical outlook on mundane events of everyday life. Ranging from childhood to recent events, this animated/voice-over series is one of my favorites. I relate to the experiences so fucking hard. I remember Blockbuster, Toys R Us, and Pokemon Stadium. I’ve also been stuck on a roller coaster and had a haunted house. He says what we’re all thinking with no shame and I’m here for it.

Number Six: Lindsay Ellis

Some of y’all might remember her as “Nostalgia Chick,” but she’s left that persona behind to focus on dissecting films and why they work. I’ve seriously learned a lot from her (though it may help I’ve taken film courses as well.) She puts shit in easy-to-understand terms for the dumb person (i.e. me) and unabashedly shares her opinion. I never knew why I found the Phantom of the Opera movie boring until she explained it. Then my eyes were open and I proceeded to view every piece of film critically. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Number Seven: Sailor J

Amazing girl. She really blew up on Tumblr with her video about contouring. Her wit and sense of humor is 100% on point. If you don’t find it funny, there is no saving yourself from a boring life with no friends. She currently doesn’t have “consistent” series (though she is doing a Harry Potter one as seen above as well as the zodiac signs), but most of her videos involve her doing make-up while making commentary so there is an overall theme. What I aspire to convey through my blogging, tbh.

Number Eight: Alonzo Lerone

Best known for his “Dumbest Fails” compilations, everyone flocks to him for his reactions as well as the fact that all of these fails are compiled in one place. Give this man a gold medal because I don’t have to go hunt them down myself. Also, there is Cash- no, not money- his dog. Everyone loves a cute pupper. (In addition to the compilations, he also does other shit which is awesome, too.)

Number Nine: Casually Explained

Brutal. But everything he says is technically true. I don’t know what to tell you except that the format of these shorts is in the description. My personal favorite has him describing the human player type in life. But he’s best known for “Is She Into You?” Which, to be honest, you can never tell, so it really is better to keep your distance. Take notes on the good life lessons from this dude.


Number 10: Joe Santagato

And finally, there’s this dude. My favorite of his series is the “Only on Craigslist” but “People of Walmart” is sufficiently funny. I wish I had his ability to talk this fast and be this funny. But instead I flop around like a flounder in the sand. Useless. Back to the topic, his reactions are amazing, and he has a way with coming up with words and expressions to show his emotions. I believe I recall one video with him not being able to continue on because people were so stupid. As with other YouTubers, he has other types of videos as well. So check them out!


That’s it! A lot of you have probably seen most of these anyways. They’re very popular. But honestly, I was too lazy to do anything else during this time period. So, enjoy. Top “X” lists every Tuesday starting in April. Probably. We’ll see. Ha ha ahaaa….

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