Daily Life #1: Bitches Better Step Off

never related to anything so hard

I had debated whether or not anyone would want to read about my daily life. But because I’m very self-important, I decided that yes, you guys would love to know the juicy gossip going down because I’m messy like that. No excuses. I just like to hear myself talk and subsequently read my own writing. I’m so humble. I mean, I’m practically Mother Theresa.

Recently, I’ve been settling into the happy life of a monogamous relationship. You know, the usual. I’m having meltdowns over minor infractions and thirsting over my morning & nightly phone-calls because yes, we are long-distance. Not just a few hours. Oh no. There’s a whole continent and the pacific ocean between us. It’s been great! HA. Ha. Ha. ha… No, really, I’m actually extremely happy and for a jaded person like me, it’s like I’ve found the land of unicorns farting cotton candy.

But there’s a small little rain cloud hanging over the picture of happiness. Who are all of these girls coming after my man? Of course, since I’m that person who lives for drama (including my own), I’m riding this roller coaster and screaming all the way down.

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