Let’s Discuss: The Great Divide of FFXV Part 1/7

Today in the news, Final Fantasy XV continues to draw controversy from raging fans who feel butthurt that Square Enix did not cater to their every need. I’ve heard all of the arguments before, and we’re going to discuss them right here, right now.

So grab your popcorn, hide your kids, hide your wife. If you feel butthurt, go take a shit and come back to me when you’ve got it all out of your system. I’m going to say this right now: I think Final Fantasy XV is a good game. Actually, it’s one of my favorites because I personally identify with Noctis, being a prince and all. Are there problems with it? Sure. Do they warrant all of the hate? Well…

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You see, whenever there is a new Final Fantasy game, there are outcries about how it’s not good enough. People seem to conveniently forget that Square Enix tries something new with each installment. I’m going to say it right now: you are entitled to like and dislike whichever games you like. That doesn’t give you the right to berate people and call them stupid for liking the games they like.

It’s a problem within the gaming community when entitled brats- both young and old- are given a keyboard. Funny enough, it’s the older fans who seem to show out like spoiled kindergarten children. Hell, I’ve met 5 year olds more mature than these fans who cry “BUT FF6/7/9 WAS THE GREATEST GAME OF ALL TIME. IF YOU DON’T LIKE THEM YOU’RE AN IDIOT.” “FFXV SUCKS. ANYONE WHO LIKES IT IS A DIPSHIT.”

Child, who hurt you? Go drink some chocolate milk, play your classic Final Fantasy on whichever platform you have, and come back when you’ve had time to think about the choices you just made. For some reason, though, these fans forget that when Final Fantasy IX came out, it was hated. People did not like the art style. The characters looked too “immature” and were not fap material for most of the audience at the time.

Yet now, it seems to be universally loved because it was a personal favorite of Sakaguchi Hironobu, the creator of the Final Fantasy series as a whole. He would go on to work on the series until Final Fantasy XII. He has not been apart of the process since, choosing instead to focus on other projects. This alone gives crazy fans an opportunity to throw it in other people’s faces as justification for being a dick.

i don’t need your negativity in my life

Take a note from Sakaguchi himself: if it’s no longer working out for you, walk away. Go do something that makes you happy. Jesus fucking christ. The man wasn’t happy with the direction Final Fantasy was going in, he wanted to do other things, he was tired. If you don’t like the new games, if you aren’t happy with their new direction, if you are tired of being disappointed, find a new series. There are plenty of JRPGs coming out that aren’t being advertised well that would fall in line with your favorite tropes. Most importantly, realize that as I said before, Final Fantasy is a series that is always changing, always growing, always striving to do something bigger and better than before. Do they always hit the mark? Of course not. And that leads us back into the main discussion of this series: why is Final Fantasy XV getting so much backlash?

In this 7-part series, we’ll be discussing quite a few topics including:

  • Idiots who pull a Kanye regarding the classic Final Fantasy of their choice when discussing FFXV.
  • Multimedia platforms (movie, anime, game) and how they effect perception.
  • The storytelling method and how the game both succeeded and failed to meet expectations.
  • Characterizations within the game and why cutscenes are important for many fans.
  • Game mechanics including the initial release vs. now, open world, dungeons, and glitches.
  • Fan theories and why they have been so popular with this Final Fantasy in particular.
  • How Square Enix is attempting to fix the problems with the release of the Royal Edition.

I’ll see you guys next time. I swear to god, fight me on this. Try me.


Have you ever had someone rage on you for liking FFXV or another game? How did you feel or were you able to say #byefelicia? were you one of those people who never learned to respect other peoples’ interests? Let me know! (BUT BE NICE. I’M A SENSITIVE SOUL)!


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2 thoughts on “Let’s Discuss: The Great Divide of FFXV Part 1/7

  1. Mari says:

    Thank you. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for these truth bombs 😁 I personally loved the old school games, but I also loved XV because it was different. The story engaged me. I grew to love the bros, I wanted it to all work out in the end, and I cried like a child who got their favorite toy taken away at the end. Do I think it was perfect? No. Does it mean it’s irredeemable? Absolutely not. Let’s celebrate the good and see if we can accept the different ❤

    • Candy Kiss (Jules) says:

      You’re very, very, very welcome! I personally love the old school games as well. They have a charm to them that hasn’t faded, and the stories are great. But the new games are pretty damn good. And at the time of releases, I feel like they all had a fault in some way that caused controversy (that I can remember). FFXV wasn’t perfect for sure, but people definitely don’t deserved to be bashed for liking it. <3

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