FFXIV Struggles: Player Commendations

yes i want a gold star, plzkthx

I’ve noticed in the very vocal online community, people are struggling to make sense of their justifications for choosing who to give that precious player commendation to at the end of the dungeon. It’s one of the many moments in this game that will trick you into believe you are a god. Everyone has a different method for handing out their table scraps from the best glam to the simple act of not sucking.

Okay, but what is a player commendation? If you’re like me, you played your entire 35-level free trial without noticing the button in the bottom right corner. It’s almost like the game is subtly telling you that no one actually deserves to feel like they did a good job. Sounds like my teachers in school are behind this programming. Basically, a player commendation is right above a participation trophy but below a gold medal at the local bowling tournament. A gold star, if you will, to tell the person “congrats on not being the worst player here.”

Then you can leave the dungeon and realize that everyone thought you were trash, and you don’t deserve a gold star.

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