Japan 101: Welcome to Japan! (Surviving the Flight)


Welcome to Japan! – (Surviving the flight)

actually me the day I arrived

Now, I’m sure that you’ve imagined every possible scenario for what it’ll be like to step foot off airplane, it’s actually time to board your flight. Make sure you didn’t forget your passport (and certificate of eligibility if you’re not on a tourist visa- available at your local Japanese embassy which is likely a 2-5 hour drive away).

Oh, and plane ticket, that’s pretty important. Be ready to not sleep for however long your flight is and arrive in Japan looking like you just lost a roshambo challenge to a weed-whacker.

No matter how nicely you dress to arrive, an overnight plane trip is going to make you look like you’ve lost a fight to a very persistent mongoose. Don’t even try to sleep if you’re not in business class. What, you think airlines try to make you comfortable? Pretty sure I wouldn’t spend my flights strapped into a carseat if that was the case.

But if you’re ever feeling angry at being the last to get off the plane, last in line, crappy economy seat- just remember that those in business class are the most likely to die in the event of a crash.

Take a moment to realize that you could be paying more to end your life in a fiery flame and then settle in, feeling more confident that yes, aisle 52, seat C is exactly the safest seat on the airline *(not actually proven to my knowledge.)

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