Witching Hour: Why do you believe in that stuff?

this is what you sound like to me.

Oh boy, my favorite question in the whole wide world! The www, if you will. Any skeptics out there will be throwing up their arms like “uh, duh, it’s illogical” to which I’d like to remind you that I’m not a logical person. And imagining my Pisces friends as little fish in a tank is absolutely hilarious and partially true.

I would love to sit here and tell you what I tell my friends in real life: Oh, I don’t really believe in that stuff. It’s just for fun! But you bet your ass that after we meet and start getting along, I’ll be asking your birthday and snooping into unseen personality traits that may not exist due to my own incessant curiosity. And YES, it is fun. You don’t see me telling you to stop playing Monopoly because you aren’t playing with real money or little kids to stop believing in Santa. This is my Santa, and I’ll be damned if some adults are going to ruin it for me. Ho ho ho, bitches.

a lot of y’all would do well to learn this.

I’ve seriously noticed, though, a lot of the bad rep for zodiac signs comes from two major sources: a.) the magazines that predict your horoscope for the week/month/year with cheesy, generalized assumptions and b.) the memes and blogs that are for shitposts and show clear biases. Say it with me: My. Sun. Sign. Is. Not. My. Entire. Personality.

Not only that, but a bunch of people who treat it as a fun little hobby (hello pot, meet kettle. I know I’m a hypocrite), tend to focus on the over-generalization of signs without human interaction. A really good indicator for me besides reputable sources on sign information has come from plain observation from many walks of life: these 100 people are cancers, what do they have in common besides crying all the time? I jest, cancers don’t cry all the time. That’s Pisces.

don’t rain on my parade!

In any case, why I believe in it is simply because I’ve seen it a lot in real life: the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m not always great at guessing someone’s sign because there are traits from multiple signs that overlap, and then you factor in moon/rising… it’s a lot. (And Chinese zodiac if you happen to believe in that as well.) But I think it’s another label to stick on yourself that gives people an overview of how you identify, and we all know how important labels are to society. I’ll say it as fair warning: I may offend your sign at some point. Hell, I’ll probably offend my own sign. “THAT’S NOT ME!” I already hear you typing your comment for my future posts- great! Take it all with a grain of salt and realize I don’t know you personally. I’m making over-generalizations about groups of personality traits like a bad high school movie stereotype.


Have you ever said this to anyone? Has anyone ever said this to you? on a scale of 1-The Wicked Witch of the west, how much did you want to steal the other person’s shoes? FEEL FREE TO SHARE! (BUT BE NICE. I’M A SENSITIVE SOUL)!


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