Japan 101: Where Are You From?

出身はどこですか。/ どちらからですか

shusshin wa doko desu ka. / Dochira kara desu ka?*

Cab driver talking to me, and I’m like

One of the most common phrases I hear as soon as I get in a cab and before I can jam my headphones back into my ears is “Where are you from?” It took me a few times listening for the key words as, strangely, in my Japanese class, this is not one of the topics we spent a lot of time on.

I used to be able how to tell someone my major in perfect, formal Japanese, but after being out of university for over a year, I’ve even lost that ability. Best part is when I haven’t switched over to my Japanese-speaking-brain, I fumble for a second and they translate for me first. They know more English than I know Japanese! It’s just embarrassing. Sometimes I’m just sitting there in a morning daze like “Where am I from?”

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Witching Hour: Why do you believe in that stuff?

this is what you sound like to me.

Oh boy, my favorite question in the whole wide world! The www, if you will. Any skeptics out there will be throwing up their arms like “uh, duh, it’s illogical” to which I’d like to remind you that I’m not a logical person. And imagining my Pisces friends as little fish in a tank is absolutely hilarious and partially true.

I would love to sit here and tell you what I tell my friends in real life: Oh, I don’t really believe in that stuff. It’s just for fun! But you bet your ass that after we meet and start getting along, I’ll be asking your birthday and snooping into unseen personality traits that may not exist due to my own incessant curiosity. And YES, it is fun. You don’t see me telling you to stop playing Monopoly because you aren’t playing with real money or little kids to stop believing in Santa. This is my Santa, and I’ll be damned if some adults are going to ruin it for me. Ho ho ho, bitches.

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